Demeter chocolate

We produce chocolate using milk from biodynamic farms. Demeter-certified.

Demeter chocolate made using biodynamic production methods


Our organic production expertise also includes Demeter-certified chocolate. The production of raw materials using biodynamic farming practices revitalises the soil, plants, animals and people, because it always starts from the whole. The farmers carefully design how all of the cultivated land is used as part of a healthy cycle, and because they conscientiously care for each part of it, the farm thrives as a whole.


Demeter quality is ensured by four guiding criteria:

  • Maintaining soil fertility by using compost produced on the farm and biodynamic mixtures.
  • Breeding local crops for greater vitality and diversity.
  • Animal welfare is supported by their adaptability to the local habitat and by carefully selected feed.
  • Feed is carefully processed to ensure the highest quality and the greatest nutrient content.


A new approach

Instead of clearing huge swathes of rainforest, only small clearings are created and planted in biodynamic agriculture. This allows seedlings to grow in an intact ecosystem and makes them much more resistant to pests and disease.

The nutrient-rich rainforest soil also eliminates the need for chemical fertilisers and provides excellent conditions for organic farming. These agricultural practices make it possible to produce approximately 200 tonnes of the finest organic cocoa each year.


An organic pioneer

Chocolat Stella Bernrain is a pioneer of organic food. We launched the first organic chocolate over 30 years ago, and are always looking to implement further improvements. Because enjoyment is intrinsically linked to responsibility.