From UTZ to Rainforest Alliance

We are committed to sustainable production as part of the Rainforest Alliance.

From UTZ to Rainforest Alliance

UTZ and Rainforest Alliance have joined forces. In future, your sustainably produced chocolate will be marked with the Rainforest Alliance label on request. This standard sets even stricter requirements with regard to climate protection – with more environmentally friendly agriculture and fair cocoa production. Among other considerations, from October 2023, the mass balance of cocoa butter/cocoa powder may only come from one country of origin.


Living wage, human rights, independent audits

The Rainforest Alliance is committed to greater sustainability in the social and market sectors with the aim of protecting nature and livelihoods. Cocoa farmers receive a living wage. The creation of better infrastructure, such as the construction and operation of schools, will also help the younger generation to receive a good basic education. Independent experts monitor compliance with standards and identify further ways to improve.


Setting ambitious targets

The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organisation working at the intersection of business, agriculture and forestry. The aim of the Rainforest Alliance is to make responsible business practices the new normal. Together with tens of thousands of people and organisations worldwide, the organisation protects forests, improves the livelihoods of farmers and forestry producers and promotes their human rights. The purpose is to help them mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis.


Rainforest Alliance for your chocolate range

Use this seal of trust for your chocolate specialities. Applications for accreditation are examined within 5 to 10 working days and once approved are generally valid for two years. We will be happy to advise you regarding all aspects of Rainforest Alliance certification and what to look out for when switching from UTZ to the Rainforest Alliance label.


Other certifications

We offer a range of different certifications for our chocolates and will be happy to advise you on this matter.