Private label

Advice and development for your chocolate

Looking to have your own chocolate produced and searching for a suitable partner to develop and produce your chocolate specialities for you? Do you require specific certifications for your chocolate or is the quantity requested by your customer too small for your own production, so that investment costs would be too high?

Then you’ve come to the right place: Chocolat Stella Bernrain specialises in small batch sizes starting at one tonne, can provide a whole range of certifications, and has the necessary infrastructure to keep investments for new developments within reasonable limits.

Our aim is to develop the finest chocolate on the market

Swiss quality & Swiss chocolate expertise

Chocolat Stella Bernrain works reliably and to very high standards. Our chocolates are Swiss Made – and you can really taste the Swiss quality. We will be happy to show you how we focus our attention to detail and how we can get the most out of your chocolate concept.

Our efficient development team is there as your expert partner. Your projects are in safe hands with us and will be treated in complete confidence with Swiss reliability and discretion. All of our advice and development efforts have the singular goal of developing and producing the finest chocolate on the market for you.

Advice for special chocolate creations

We are your Swiss private label chocolate factory for really special chocolate specialities. From special raw materials to unusual shapes or chocolate suitable for allergy sufferers, we will be happy to provide you with detailed advice and talk through your best options. Our infrastructure is perfectly equipped for special creations.

Your own private label chocolate – production starting from one tonne

Chocolat Stella Bernrain boasts state-of-the-art technology. Our facilities cover the entire process and are suitable for small quantities from one tonne, as well as for larger-scale chocolate production. We take your requirements into account in the development of your chocolate and advise you on the optimal product composition. We respond flexibly to your ideas and show you different options during production.