Private label

Individual chocolate packaging


Have your chocolate packaged how you like. Chocolat Stella Bernrain offers a complete service from a single source. We have the right packaging for every product and you can choose from a variety of shapes, colours and materials, and a wide range of printing and packaging methods, so that it comes out exactly how you want.

Sustainable packaging

Among other options, we stock compostable foils, recyclable aluminium foils as primary packaging and can also supply large quantities in bulk for your unpackaged counter. We are open to the latest developments in sustainable packaging and actively pursue forward-looking innovations. We would be happy to show you the possibilities currently available.

Compostable foil

Certified as compostable packaging

Our packaging foil, NatureFlex™, is one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials. The compostable foil is made up of 100% renewable resources, is transparent and can be heat sealed on both sides. It impresses with excellent dead-fold properties, good transparency and high-quality gloss, as well as offering an excellent moisture barrier, inherent antistatic properties and an effective barrier against gases and aromas. It is also resistant to oils and greases.

The foil is biodegradable and certified according to both the American standard ASTM D6400 and the European standard EN13432 for compostable packaging. In addition, the foil has also been tested according to the “OK compost HOME” scheme, proving its suitability for use in a home composting system.

Recyclable aluminium

Primary packaging made from aluminium provides a number of advantages in terms of hygiene and shelf life. On top of that, aluminium foil is recyclable and can therefore be reused. Classic aluminium foil still comes out on top as a chocolate packaging material. It provides products with the best physical protection as it is completely impermeable to light, air and water. Last but not least, the crackling sound of the aluminium foil is familiar and makes you think of chocolate.

Paperbased Flowpack

Make your product stand out from the crowd. Our Flowpack packaging is made of paper, and is sustainable and recyclable. In comparison to standard packaging options such as cardboard and foil, the Flowpacker uses a single type of packaging. You can choose from a variety of materials. Both paper with the unique Paper-ON design, as well as other films can be used. The cold seal process ensures your product remains packaged safely.
Our cartoning machine helps to achieve the perfect presentation, providing the option of automatically packaging products in cardboard displays. You can decide whether your product should be presented in an upright or flat position.

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Individually printed chocolate packaging

Your chocolate line gets its own look with its own individually printed secondary packaging. This allows you to stand out and highlight the special features of your chocolate line. From colourful printing to embossed foils and varnish – anything is possible.

Chocolate in bulk: sustainability for unpackaged counters

As we are fully committed to sustainability, we also offer unpackaged chocolate in bulk. This is particularly suitable for unpackaged counters or other market-like sales areas.