Our commitment to sustainable chocolate

Sustainability has been one of our company’s central values since its foundation, in terms of both the cultivation and procurement of raw materials and production that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Sustainability report

We proudly present the first sustainability report of Chocolat Stella Bernrain. This report offers a comprehensive insight into our efforts in various sustainability areas. It not only highlights our current status quo but also takes a look at the sustainability initiatives that have shaped our company's history. Enjoy reading!

Sustainability report


Direct purchase of raw materials

Where possible, we buy our raw materials directly in the countries of origin, from farmers and cooperatives with whom we have long-standing partnerships. On request, the majority of our ingredients can be organic and come from Fair Trade sources.







Environmentally friendly production

We are continuously working on improving our eco-balance and reducing the consumption of resources such as energy and water.

Solar power generation

Chocolat Stella Bernrain operates a photovoltaic system on the roof of the warehouse building in Kreuzlingen. It produces about 30,000 kWh of electricity a year and reduces our previous annual CO2 emissions by 18 tonnes. We purchase an additional 20,000 kWh of solar power each year. This makes our chocolate production even more sustainable.

Compostable foil

Sustainability considered throughout the entire process. Our compostable foil made of wood is biodegradable. This allows us to save precious resources.


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The first Fair Trade chocolate in the world

Chocolat Stella Bernrain is a Fair Trade pioneer. We have been guaranteeing fair trade with our partnerships since 1990.


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Social engagement and responsibility

Both in the countries where raw materials are produced and in Switzerland, Chocolat Stella Bernrain takes its social and economic responsibility seriously.


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